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The Softness of Flexibility classes

Each week, Alice offers vinyasa classes focused on flexibility. Designed as a musical exploration of your body, these classes seek to create softness, awareness and freedom in your movements – and perhaps gradually infuse them into your daily life.

You will discover how to safely increase your range of motion and fluidity, develop flexibility and release tension by being guided through each step in a balance of strength and flexibility. You will learn to observe your sensations with compassion and acceptance while letting go of the results to reconnect with yourself.

— Monday • 10.30 | Yoga Village Capucines
— Tuesday • 18.30 | Kind (Paris 2)
— Wednesday • 7.45 | Kind (Paris 2)
— Thursday • 7.45 | Kind (Paris 2)
— Sunday • 11.00 | Kind (Paris 2)

Poetry in Motion

Designed as a musical exploration of your body, this class seeks to create softness, awareness and freedom in your movements, in a balance between strength and flexibility.
A journey into yourself suspended outside of time to cultivate softness and kindness, discover your body and learn a little more about yourself.

Candlelight Vinyasa

An embodied & intuitive flow. Connect to your intuition, cultivate freedom & let go softly carried by a fluid & creative flow in music.
Let yourself be carried by your sensations, abandon yourself to yourself, discover your body & your heart in a benevolent space suspended outside of time.
Under the light of candles, explore & feel in consciousness, immersed in an immersive, sensitive & liberating practice.

Strong & Flexible

Start your day with a practice that combines pranayama, sweaty & juicy flows, strengthening exercises and stretching.
A gentle moment to awaken your inner fire to cultivate self-confidence and give you energy for the rest of the day.