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Set off on a conscious & sensitive journey to the splits
28 days to uncover your flexibility with softness and poetry,
in the perfect blend of strength and flexibility.
With 12 follow along classes, a 28-day schedule, a practice journal,
unlock new depths in flexibility and well-being.

49,99€ • 53$ • 43£


An exclusive & effective program to dive into an immersive splits journey

12 routines of follow along classes
to uncover your flexibility

A 28-day schedule
to enhance your results & create a daily routine

A practice journal
with advice, intentions setting & practice notes

Carefully designed routines to guide you on your journey in a safe, sustainable & efficient way

4 yoga flows routines
to uncover your flexibility with softness & poetry

4 specific drills routines
using pnf stretches, active flexibility, wall & sock exercises

4 pilates & barre routines
to build strength & create a sustainable practice overtime


The Softness of Flexibility Method

A unique, sensitive, profound & liberating method
combining yoga, pilates, somatic practices and sound bath
to explore your infinite possibilities
discover physical, mental & emotional well-being
& reconnect with your most authentic self.

More than a sequence of yoga videos
This program isn’t just a sequence of yoga videos. It’s a carefully designed program in which each session is a unique opportunity to help you learn more about your body, open your heart and create more space and connection.

Going deeper than surface stretching
You’ve stretched and held poses, but the splits still feels unattainable. This method is unique and blends yoga, active flexibility, deep stretches, breath, drills & pilates to uncover your flexibility and mobility in the most balanced, effective and safe way for your body.

Being guided by an expert who wasn’t flexible at first
Alice wasn’t flexible when she started yoga. She became very flexible with a lot of practice, patience, softness and learning from the best teachers. Having never done dance or gymnastics, she understands the challenges, the frustrations, the difficulties in understanding her body, listening to it, building a routine and sometimes finding motivation. Her teaching is filled with kindness, special techniques and methods for those who have never been flexible before.

Alice in 2018

They practiced with Alice, here’s what they say

I've subscribed to the studio and I'm delighted. Thank you for your gentle, balanced classes that are so good for you and allow you to take care of yourself for a moment! I feel I'm going to improve both physically and mentally!
THANK YOU Alice, you're a wonderful yoga and life teacher!


I've been a member of your studio since it was launched, and frankly I love it, nothing to complain about, it doesn't replace face-to-face lessons, but it's a lot like them, I often lose interest with distance learning, I don't feel connected. But not with yours, I feel like I'm in a one-to-one class, and it's very pleasant to follow. And the courses are very varied and complementary, so that's great. I have to admit that I usually find it hard to motivate myself to do a session, even though I know it does me a lot of good, it's always the last thing on my mind. But I'm really hooked on your videos and they help me keep a rhythm! I also like the fact that there are short sessions, which motivates me and makes it easier to get going!


Hello Alice, just to let you know that I took your class last night "An invitation to feel" on your platform and frankly it did me a world of good. I've been a bit down in my practice these last few days and this course (different from anything I've done up until now) did me a world of good! It was the perfect class for the moment.
Thank you


thank you for these words, Alice! Indeed, it's your classes and the online studio that have helped me so much to start accepting my body, appreciating it for all the strength it gives me, and approaching the question of my weight with much less stress/pressure than before.
Many thanks!


Alice your classes are just top notch for me. You are magnificent in your words and in your softness. Thank you !!!!


I loved this gentle session, learning the movements slowly. Thank you so much!


Tonight I had a headache and wasn't feeling very fit, but I let myself be carried along by your flow, grand écart & full bow, which gradually relaxed me and helped me to create space gently, 1000 thanks for that.


I tried out the new All the waves class today, and it's really great! I felt so good, so serene throughout the class and even afterwards, so I wanted to thank you for this moment after a big day, it feels so good!


Thank you for this flow once again this studio is a gem, we always find the practice we want.


I'm on vacation and I practice with you every day, much to my delight!
The short practices are really ideal, and I love the morning routine, which I do at any time of the day!
And also the two 20-minute splits.


Studio = best idea EVER
To join the studio = best decision
What a pleasure to follow your teachings! I love it!


It's not easy to love yourself as a woman, yoga helped me, your teaching helped me and so did your approach to sisterhood!


Thank you for creating this platform and thank you for being you, because it's important to connect with the person for yoga.

Chloé S.

No special message for you other than a big thank you for the online studio, I'm really impressed with the boss you are!
Thank you so much for all the softness you make available!


I signed up and did the first yoga session yesterday (beginner level) and it felt great! I'm still finding it hard to be in the present moment, but I'm taking your advice! I've decided to do a little every evening to make progress and not eat my emotions.


Today I did the "Be our own teacher" course and it was really challenging (but I was proud of myself for going all the way...). The balances were easier to find at the end when you've memorized the flow and are watching less video.
Thank you for this program, which is perfect at this time of year-end, review, self-connection and introspection ...


Thank you so much, Alice, for your softness and kindness, it still moves me. I feel like I understand so much in your classes, without frustration, just by exploring more, it's a bit magical.


Yes, it's crazy, I never thought I'd get here! It's crazy to discover yourself like this, and it's all thanks to your studio classes.


Your online studio is great! The classes are very varied. I love the fact that there are classes of different lengths. It allows you to practice even when you have less time. Thanks

Chloé S.

you do so much for the online, your generosity and kindness is so inspiring!! and contrary to feeling pressure you make me want to take these moments for myself to listen to myself connect and just be well! i've never enjoyed my practice so much and been so consistent.



I'm a beginner, is the program right for me?

I’ll guide you, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner. The program offers a variety of options to suit all levels, including classes specially designed for beginners. I’m here to guide you through your yoga journey of discovery and help you progress at your own pace.

I'm not flexible. Would this program be right for me?

Yoga & flexibility are not just for the already flexible. On the contrary, the goal of this program is to uncover your flexibility over time, regardless of your initial level of flexibility. My online courses are designed to help you progress at your own pace and explore your own flexibility. With regular practice, you’ll see significant improvements in your flexibility and mobility. Join me to discover how yoga can help you feel good in your body, whatever your level of flexibility!

Do I need special equipment?

Just a rug, two big books and a belt will get you started. A wall is sometimes necessary. However, it would be best to invest in two blocks and a strap, but in the meantime, two big books and a belt will do.

When will I achieve my splits?

Unfortunately, I can’t promise you that you’ll have your splits in a number of weeks or months as each body is different. What I can promise you is that, firstly, you’re going to make progress and it will be beautiful, but also that you’re embarking on a beautiful journey towards self-knowledge, self-confidence and self-love. & that this is priceless.

When I finish the program, do I still have access to it?

The program and classes are available for life.

Alice Girard

Alice Girard is a yoga teacher based in Paris. Each class with Alice is an invitation to explore & feel with awareness to surrender & let go. An invitation to connect, all in softness and poetry.

Alice offers intuitive, creative and embodied flows, thought as inner journeys, blending sensitivity, intensity and relaxation. The postures follow each other with grace and fluidity on carefully crafted playlists, with respect for yourself and listening to your limits.

Alice discovered yoga after a knee injury. She immediately became passionate about the practice even though she had no flexibility or body awareness. Yoga allowed her to better know herself, her body, and to discover her infinite possibilities. More than a physical practice, she found in yoga a way to refocus, surpass herself and learn to trust herself.

Her teaching is based on softness and kindness, listening to others & to yourself and seeking physical, mental & emotional well-being. Her practice, together with her different trainings and encounters, led her to create her method “The Softness of Flexibility”.