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With softness & poetry

Creating safe spaces of softness & connection

Alice Girard is a yoga teacher based in Paris.
Each class with Alice is an invitation to explore & feel with awareness to surrender & let go. An invitation to connect, all in softness and poetry.

Alice offers intuitive, creative and embodied flows, thought as inner journeys, blending sensitivity, intensity and relaxation. The postures follow each other with grace and fluidity on carefully crafted playlists, with respect for yourself and listening to your limits.

Alice discovered yoga after a knee injury. She immediately became passionate about the practice even though she had no flexibility or body awareness. Yoga allowed her to better know herself, her body, and to discover her infinite possibilities. More than a physical practice, she found in yoga a way to refocus, surpass herself and learn to trust herself.

Her teaching is based on softness and kindness, listening to others & to yourself and seeking physical, mental & emotional well-being. Her practice, together with her different trainings and encounters, led her to create her method “The Softness of Flexibility”.

Alice also offers private classes for those looking to deepen their practice or address specific physical or emotional issues. Her approach is individualized and compassionate, tailoring each session to her clients’ unique needs and objectives.

Dive into an inner journey together. For a poetic interlude outside of time. For a sensitive exploration of the self, from the physical body to the most subtle.

Training :
— 200h Vinyasa EarthToFly Yoga Skool
— 30h The Method : Backbending avec Talia Sutra
— 10h Pranayama with Anaïs Varnier
— The Craft of Teaching with Kayla Nielsen
— Mentoring with Anaïs Varnier
— Pilates teacher training with Barre Body (in progress)
— Embodied Yin™ avec Satu Tuomela

— Studio Classes at studios Kind, Bandha Yoga et Baba Yoga Club
— Inversions Workshops : Janvier 2020 | Baba Yoga Club (Paris), Baraza (Lisbon)
— The Softness of Flexibility | The 3-hour Workshop : July, November 2020 & February 2021, November 2021 | Kind (Paris)
— The Softness of Flexibility | The Series | 4 workshops focused on flexibility: March-May 2021, September-November 2021, January-April 2022, September-December 2022, February-May 2023 | Kind (Paris)
— Workshops in the world : Legs & Hips Flexibility (June 2022 | Indaba London), Pinchamayurasana (September 2022 | Baraza Lisbon), 3 days of flexibility workshops (January 2023 | Indaba London)
— Retreats : Paris (June 2021, January 2022, May 2022, November 2022), Moliets (July 2022, September 2022), Italy (April 2022), Chamonix (July 2022), Iceland (August 2022), Greece (September 2022), Cassis (October 2022), Costa Rica (January 2023)
— Teacher Training Yoga Alliance 15h : July 2022, September 2022